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Address: Bulgaria
Mladost 4, Business Park Sofia, building 6
Phone: +359 89 123

About Our Business


In the first year of its existance, the company was proclaimed the biggest green-field investment and received the distinction “Investment of the year”. At that point, over 1,1 billion BGN were put into the development of the GLOBUL network and services.

In August 2005, 100% of the company shares were purchased by COSMOTE Group – a major player on the telecommunication markets of Greece, Roumania, Albania and Macedonia. In spring 2006, the company changed its corporate identity in order to reflect the change in ownership and mark a new stage in its development - as an operator within the COSMOTE Group.

In November 2006, GLOBUL greeted its 3 millionth subscriber. At the end of 2007, the number of GLOBUL subscribers exceeded 3,8 million. The considerable investments made for network expansion and optimization allow the company to offer high-quality services to its numerous clients.

In 2008, with the help of the EU, GLOBUL invested over half a million BGN in employee training to the purpose of increasing effectiveness in customer service and achieving greater customer satisfaction. Along with the pursuit for quality service, in 2008 the company launched a long-term project aimed at environmental preservation. For the first time, a Bulgarian telecommunication company proposes a long-term plan of measures and initiatives orientated towards reduction of the environmental influence of its activity, encouragement of recycling and reuse of mobile devices and support of public projects to same purpose.
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1 001 to 2 000
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Producer /Goods, Services, etc/
Other types of communications:,, Tel: 123 - for GLOBUL subscribers Tel: 089 123 - for subscribers of other operators Fax: (02) 415 4123; 089 819 4123 address: Sofia 1766, PB 10

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  • ELECTRO MAGNETIC RADIATIONS The policy of GLOBUL toward our clients is one of absolute transparency and constant engagement to keep them informed about the company’s activities and the field we are working in. This principle motivated us
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    GLOBUL is concerned about the society and constantly engages in charity as part of its socially responsible behavior. GLOBUL supports causes in which it sincerely believes and which have lasting effect for Bulgarian society. In two consecu
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